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Month: November 2014

Baby Food On The Go!

I’m still in the honeymoon phase with my first child, which means I gruelingly (yet lovingly) make his food everyday from only the finest organic ingredients. However, as I discovered on our recent trip to Austin, Texas, without a Vitamix on hand, I’m a little at a loss in the baby food-making department (no, I don’t carry around my own personal food mill…yet). So, when we arrived and were out for dinner, I found myself in a desperate situation.

No way was I going to give my little angel GMO, chemical-laden foods (those are for my consumption only and boy, did we enjoy some Tex Mex), yet I couldn’t revert only to BM (parents ‘in the know’ only use acronyms) for the entire trip since he is used to some solids everyday.

Whole Foods saves us from this!

Whole Foods saves us from this!

In comes Whole Foods and the answer to all my woes. As a new mom, I was not aware of all the new foods on the baby market, but I was delighted to find these non- BPA packets of all organic, no weird junk added, super tasty veggie and fruit delights. As Austin is this perfect blend of Yuppie and Hippie (Yuhippie),

My favorite Yuhippie™ baby food brand

My favorite Yuhippie™ baby food brand

there were about a million brands to choose from, including my favorite that adds basil, sage, amaranth, lavender, and tons of different herbs and spices to acclimate the little one to new tastes. An added bonus – the baby can also suck the food right out of the top. They even sell screw-on spoons, so the kiddos can squeeze the bag and fill the spoon with the food before eating it. Plus, the most important factor, it tastes delicious! I am a firm proponent of only feeding the baby food I would enjoy myself, and I had to consciously refrain from gobbling up his little 4 oz meal.

I actually considered going on a baby food diet and eating ten of those little packets a day, but then I was distracted by Amy’s ice cream and made a quick pit stop. Still, it’s on my bucket list – I’ll let you know how it turns out.

So, if you are on the road, stock up on these little packets of liquid gold to ensure your baby still eats healthy without a blender on hand. My only real problem now is forcing myself to return to the kitchen when those oh so tempting meals are only a grocery store away.


Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show

Just the norm little James Bond... a luxury car, luxury yacht, and a helicopter.

Just the norm for little James Bond… a luxury car, luxury yacht, and a helicopter.

Sorry for the writing delay. It turns out that Ft. Lauderdale is a more lying around than touring around type of city. However, after a few weeks of beach viewing and sun avoiding (I’m not a teenager anymore), I finally found a touristy topic to talk about. Welcome to the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show – an event that attracts the world’s beautiful people and their rich sugar papas/mamas. Though we aren’t on the market for a boat just yet (but we are more than happy to be invited as guests on those 30 million dollar mega-yachts. I promise to be entertaining, and the kid is always a hit), we coughed up the 25-dollar entrance fee to get a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous.

Baby 007 - on the lookout for a good deal

Baby 007

I’m not gonna lie – I was kind of expecting lavish champagne foam parties and an array of international entertainers once we crossed to the other side of the ticket booth. But, alas, it was mainly just dozens of booths selling …. boat stuff. Luckily, it was Halloween, and we had dressed the little one up as 007 (we found a tuxedo at a nearby shop and made it a theme), so the boat show at least came in handy for some great James Bond action shots (sitting by the yachts, on a speed boat, sipping a martini, hanging out with the Bond girls).

Ready for a high speed chase!

Ready for a high-speed chase!

It was also (kinda) fun to walk up and down the planks and gawk at the yachts that we weren’t allowed to get on without an appointment or a broker. Surrounding the boats, there are also some festivities like a loud bar tent with live music and drunk revelers who just loooooved the baby (alcohol tends to lengthen vowels).

There is also a whole part of the boat show with demonstrations and some kid-friendly activities (our kid is still too young to participate) so in all, it is an interesting and fun experience. I probably wouldn’t put it at the top of my list of must-sees, but if you are a boat fanatic and an aspiring yacht owner (or current yacht owner – in that case, read above about our guest-worthiness), you couldn’t ask for a more beautiful location to come see what is for sale.

Oh, and I’ve heard rumors of the aforementioned champagne parties, so rub the right shoulders and you might get an invite.

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